How to Unlock A Sprint Samsung Note 9 for Any Carriers

Looking to unlock a Sprint Note 9 N960? you are in the right place below we will show how you can unlock your phone for any carriers worldwide, some of the benefits, you will be able to switch carriers when you want, you will be able to keep the same phone while traveling, continue reading below…

How to unlock Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for free

Before trying to unlock your sprint note 9 for free make sure you check the Sprint unlocking Requirements below 

  1. Your Note phone must be used (active) on Sprint’s network for at least 50 days or more. 
  2. Most importantly, your phone must be SIM unlockable. 
  3. Your account must have all the bills cleared or the lease must be fulfilled if any. 
  4. Your Note 9 must be with you which means, it must not be stolen, lost, or must not be a part of any fraudulent activity in the past or present. 

If you do not meet these minimum requirements, it won’t be possible to unlock your Sprint Note 9 phone for free on Sprint’s website.

Note 9 Sprint Unlocking Service!

If you cannot meets Sprint unlock requirement, the only best option for you is to use a third-party Note 9 Sprint Unlock Service 

  1. To start with, go to our Sprint Unlocking Service page
  2. Now select your phone model and enter your email ID (you’ll get a confirmation email). 
  3. Now enter your phone’s IMEI number, dial *#06# to get it.
  4. Once done, proceed with payment.
  5. One of ours technician will be contacting you via email to proceed with unlocking your phone


Why you should unlock your Sprint Note 9?

Okay maybe you are wondering, why should you unlock your phone? Here are the reasons why:

  • You’ll be free to use it with any carrier of your choice without any restrictions. In other words, you have network freedom.
  • You’ll save on roaming fees because you can decide to use a local SIM card of your choice when traveling.
  • You can easily travel with your phone to any country without having to worry about phone bills.

Can you unlock a sprint Note 9?

Yes, definitely you can unlock your sprint Note 9, all you have to do is to follow instructions above.

Can you unlock a Blacklisted Sprint Note 9?

Yes you can unlock a Blacklisted Sprint Note 9, but your phone will only work outside of USA or you have the option to order another service to repair your Sprint Note 9 IMEI.

Can I Still Unlock a Sprint Note 9 under contract?

Yes a Samsung Note 9 under contract with Sprint can still be Unlocked only by a third-party service not by Sprint itself, because they will ask you to pay the full amount you owe them.

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